Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Coconut crazy!

Having discovered of late that coconut oil is in fact the world's healthiest oil, I purchased two jars of the stuff from Holland & Barratt. Stupidly pricey at £14.99 a jar, I took advantage of the Buy One Get One Half Price offer, but even so it's not exactly a bargain.

Just the smell of the stuff is divine - it's like a coconut in a jar, unsurprisingly. And it makes everything taste yummy! As mentioned in my last blog post, try cooking cauliflower rice in coconut oil - nomtastic!

Of course, with these jars being so expensive, I had a wee google about for some cheaper alternatives only to discover that Tesco actually sell it on their Groceries site. I found the same brand in one of my local Chinese Supermarkets, also labelled as "pure" coconut oil. But unfortunately this £2.60 jar doesn't really smell of coconut, in fact it doesn't really smell of much at all. And the same goes when I cook with it. So that's a bit of a disappointment as well as a mystery - surely two jars with the only ingredient being "pure coconut oil" shouldn't be that dissimilar? 

£14.99 jar left, £2.60 jar right

So I think the best solution is to use the cheap stuff for food I don't particularly want tasting coconutty. At least it's still healthier than other oils.

I'm also interested to look into coconut palm sugar too - it has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar but comes with pros and cons - detailed here.

I feel like we've gone coconut crazy. We tried "coconut meat in syrup" at the weekend - just like canned fruit but with soft coconut instead. It started off tasting nice but after a couple of mouthfuls became too sweet due to the syrup and my boyfriend had a dodgey tummy the next day which is blames on this - not helped by the fact that we recently learnt from a friend of ours who is from Hong Kong that a lot of Chinese supermarkets put new Best Before dates on products so that they can sell them for longer! Really hope that's not a common occurrence. 

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